Late In The Game

Ok, I am not one to normally do the whole “expose my thoughts to the world” thing. Not that I have ever been accused of being shy or introverted, it’s just that I don’t beleive in diaries.

That being said, here I find myself, applying electrons strategically on a piece of copper, in order to meet a class requirement for my Web development class.  I don’t know how far I will go with this, or if it is really necessary for this course or just a “recommendation” from our professor. I am currently in my fourth semester at Manchester Community College on an Associates of Science degree and I know how a syllabus will have one agenda and the instructor another. So, for now, I will play by the rules.

I have not do e any solid web coding for a few years. I didn’t really need to. However, with my new network built and my NAS configured, I think it may be time since I still have my domain name, Hey, maybe If I am clever, I might even be able to stitch together a web-enabled system for interfacing with my 3D printer.